Monday, May 28, 2012

Tempus fugit

Theo loves skiing, Mom loves that ski outfit.

I really can't believe it has been three months since I've written anything.  After Barcelona things just went into warp speed! It's almost June!  Here is an update in photos including a week of skiing in the
Alps, a week of my parents visiting us in Paris and Bourgogne, Easter, a solo trip to California, and Theo turning 3:

Luke or should I say Luc goofing around apres ski.
And down the hill we go!
Awesome spring skiing weather.

Luke giving a private lesson to his girlfriend Zoe.

R.I.P. Van Gogh brothers, Auvers Sur Oise with my parents.

The Rents at Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  Where is Edith Piaf's grave?
Vaux le Vicomte visit after Bourgogne.

The beautiful vineyards of Sauvigny-Les-Beaune
Theo turns 3, yipee!

Snake man in San Fran.

Chinatown, San Francisco.

Vineyards!  This time in Sonoma!

In France there is an Easter chicken who hides the eggs and treats!

That's T ready to dye Easter eggs with those mugs!

Jardin des Plantes, grumpy Theo.
Outside Elysee Palace, presidential motorcade.