Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to run

From this morning's run.

Since Theo started l'halte garderie, I have had more time to run in the morning without having to wake up at the crack of dawn or limited to the weekends. It still amazes me that it is always dark when we wake up at 7/7:30am. We are on the first floor of our apartment building and don't get a ton of direct sunlight. The Champ de Mars is quickly becoming my running destination. It's about a ten minute jog from our place. I prefer it because I don't get held up at crosswalks, it is not very crowded, there are other runners and people to watch, AND of course the Eiffel Tower is gorgeous!
Cool and misty, perfect running conditions.

One morning I spotted a large group of buff and buzz cut fine looking French men running in my direction, my eyes were probably popping out of my head! As I finished up a lap I saw they were a fine group of Parisian firefighters!! Total Frenchie hotness. Maybe they will be back one of these mornings!


  1. I love running by the Eiffel Tower! I also am so depressed about the darkness in the late mornings here. In NY, I was a daily morning runner before work but it's so much harder here. We're about to join a gym so I'm hoping that will help out a bit! Keep it up!!!

  2. Thanks K! The dark mornings are killer. I went to the Champ de Mars one morning last winter at 7am and it was a little spooky, even though I feel like Paris is a very safe place in general. I hope the gym works out and welcome back to Paris!

  3. The dark puts such a cramp in everybody's running style! I love running in Paris, but in the winter I just want to crawl back in bed! You're so lucky you have the beautiful Champ de Mars to run around--I've got to move closer to a park! Are you doing any races over here?

  4. Hi Linds, Running in the winter and in the dark is a deadly combo! I would love to do some races of the 10k variety, maaybe half marathon, but haven't signed up. How 'bout you?