Friday, February 3, 2012

All by myself...

This is not an unusual sight in Paris.
...with Luke and Theo of course!  The hubs is in Canada working for the week and the bags under my eyes are not getting any smaller.  Other than the lack of sleep from Theo getting up every night, the boys have been on their best behavior.   Dinners have been pleasant.  The other night they both finished their plates without having to be reminded and prodded to keep eating.  I thought I was having an out of body experience.  It has been that long since we have had a drama free dinner!

It has been very cold in Paris this week!  I actually like it!  It reminds me of Vermont and I get to break out my extra warm North Face jacket.  A lot of women, especially old ladies, wear fur in the winter.  I saw a lady who looked like she had an actual animal on her head the hat was so huge!  Although I'm not a fur fan, it is the warmest thing out there fur sure, ha ha ha.

The hubs doesn't get back until Tuesday.  He cleverly planned his trip through Superbowl weekend.  I'm a tad jealous that he will be drinking delicious beer and eating yummy wings watching the best sporting event of the year.  As long as he brings back more peanut butter, it's all good!  Now I am going to sleep!


  1. I so would love to be back in the states for one night to drink beer and eat wings! YUM!

  2. Yum indeed! When I talked to him WHILE he was drinking delicious beer and wings, he actually acknowledge how AWESOME it was and he felt sorry! That good!