Monday, February 20, 2012

Holy vacation Batman!

Little slice of heaven, Parc Galliera
Sometimes I think because I know the general gist of things, I don't worry about the actual details.  Case in point, Luke's vacances de Fevrier.  I knew the boy had a vacation but he doesn't go back until MARCH 6th.  That's two full weeks and a Monday.  Now we are sitting here drooling and staring at each other until I let him play the Wii or Words with Friends, his favorite activity.  We talk about words and how to score the most points.  As we are around town he spots signs and we discuss their potential point value.  He plays random opponents some of whom ask why he is playing such small words.  He wrote to a random opponent the other day that he loved them, it was Valentine's Day after all.  We had a chat after that incident.


So now I'm scrambling a bit to find activities to occupy our days.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can go to the park.  Parc Galliera right behind the Musee de la Mode is my favorite park in walking distance.  Never crowded, beautiful architecture, flowers, and landscaping, on Wednesdays the Marche is right door.  The aquarium is also close by, we went a few times about a year ago.  There are some really big tanks with sharks and exotic fish, and a touch pool that became the drench pool for Theo.  My only issue is that they want 20 euros for an adult.  Let me hear you say,  Rip Off!

Finding an escargot at Parc Galliera
We leave on Thursday for a long weekend in Barcelona, yipee!  Jordan at who is also an American living in Paris just wrote about planning her trip with kids to Barcelona and I feel like I hit the jackpot with all the great ideas her readers mentioned.  The hubs is most excited about going to visit the soccer stadium.  We have been watching some good BCN matches and I know the boys will love it.  I am excited to see the beautiful architecture, the beach, and the tapas!  Warmer weather here we come!

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