Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Christmas spirit

Dude, is that a greenhouse out front!?

This person set up their tent a few months ago along the Place des Etats-Unis. He (I'm assuming) started to settle in by planting a little garden out front, charming! Now he is feeling the holiday spirit with some nice decorations, I love it! I imagine life for these folks is difficult and the fact that this individual has some cheer and a joie de vivre is very touching. At this point I hope he makes it through the cold winter.

The parents' association at Luke's school was selling these cute bags and towels with the names and drawings of the whole grand section. I proudly showed it to the Lukester and he says, "I'd didn't draw that," in a very nonchalant manner. Hmm, then who did? Luke says his teacher, suuuure buddy, and my name is Carla Bruni ;-)