Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candy buzz and countdown

Theo and I joined a group of moms and mums I met through Meetup to make (phew that's a lot of alliteration!) gingerbread houses this week.  I love this tradition, love it.  It's a very messy process, but that and lots of candy go great together!  I realized I didn't have the right sugar to make icing.  FYI sucre en poudre is NOT powdered sugar, it's more like superfine sugar.  I whipped out yet another defunct coffee related appliance, the coffee grinder, and viola!  Confectioner's sugar!

I told y'all I had some Martha in me.

This will be the 20th candy that went past the gingerbread house directly to my mouth.

I'm whipping myself into a frenzy over preparing to go back to the States for Christmas.  Between the thought of such a long flight with these two and all the packing and presenting, I'll be at a full-on level 10 by Thursday.  I may be MIA for the next week or so.

I'm tough, real tough.

Gratuitous white sock shot.

 Luke takes naps in our room whenever he is home after lunch which is Wednesday, Friday and the weekends. Well, we call it a nap but it's mostly just time when he sits on our bed and talks to himself or throws things.  The other day he was very quiet and almost had me fooled he was sleeping.  Now I know it just means he is up to something.  I caught him playing the ipad that I had foolishly left in our room one time.  This time he had found yet another gadget and photo bombed my camera.  There were some 50 shots of him making faces, his feet, and some, ahem, other body parts.  Can I tell you how it is difficult to discipline when you are trying to not to pee your pants laughing?

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