Friday, December 2, 2011

Flashbacks to the 70's and 80's not in a good way

To ring (pun intended) in the Christmas season, I took Luke and Theo for a stroll down the Champs late afternoon to see the lights and the rides by the holiday markets. I felt as if I'd been flung back into the 70's or some bad sci-fi movie. Au revoir traditional twinkling lights, bonjour or should I say bonsoir hula-hoop roller rink thingies (so bad I had to use the word thingies). I applaud the effort to save energy, from what I hear they are much more efficient. But please, to me Christmas means tradition and I don't like to mess with that too much. Bring back the pretty twinkling lights.

See that expression? Pretty crappy I agree Luke.

On the bright side, we found the giant slide and Luke was smiling ear to ear as he made his way down. He was practically halfway up before I finished paying the lady. Theo was pissed I couldn't take him this time but I know we'll be back in the coming weeks, we live a short walk away from all this fun.

Changing gears. There are some things you never forget such as, "if I touch that hot stove, I will get burnt." Well I learned a very important lesson the other day, "if you cut your hair after drinking wine, it will look f*%ked up." You would think I should have known this by now, or just known from common sense. I blame it on a, the wine, and, b, living in surroundings where common sense doesn't always dictate the way things are. For example common sense would mean that if your dog (especially a large breed dog) does their business in the middle of the sidewalk, you pick it up. If you are smoking a cigarette, you don't blow your smoke in the direction of children. You know, things like that.

Just right long bangs Hideous short puffy disobedient bangs

Luke circa 2009, those bangs nooot exactly straight

I have been cutting Luke and Theo's hair since they were very little with some good and bad results. Luckily no one has really noticed and I've gotten better with practice. I know my bangs will grow out in a few weeks, hopefully before Christmas. I'm debating whether or not I should tease them up and try to bring back 80's power bangs.

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