Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in Connecticut and Driving me crazy

Christmas Eve sunset, ahhhh.

Well hello there!  Did that week go by fast or what!  Christmas was a smashing success back in Connecticut.  It was quite a momentous occasion since we were all present - parents, my two sisters and their significant others.  This hasn't happened in four years!  Since we had so much to celebrate my dad did not hesitate to break out the big guns like this double magnum among many others.  Now all wine tastes like crap after being spoiled for a week.  I guess I'll have to switch to drinking champagne or something totally crazy like that.

You are large and delicious.  

After deciding that going to Midnight Mass was not the best plan with that double magnum et al. , we scrambled for any warm clothes we could find including an Indiana Jones hat and a fur coat and strolled through the neighborhood singing Christmas carols.  We stayed on the road and did not actually approach any houses, which meant we had to sing extra loud.

This is the best day ever.

I thought it was very thoughtful that my mom carefully remembered that a few years ago, when we all had the stomach virus, the hubs had barfed his guts out after eating cinnamon rolls, and she made a point of not having those for Christmas morning.  Thanks Mom!  Luckily we were all healthy this time around.

Water boarding would have been a piece of cake compared to this.

On Friday we had a car service drive us to JFK.  I should have known this driver was suspect when he was packing the trunk with our bags and tried to squeeze our bags in by sheer force.  We were filled to the brim with liquids of all kind: barbecue sauce, maple syrup, shampoo, ect.  Thankfully I can report there was no leakage.  This guy drove 40 mph on the highway, almost the whole way.  He was acting like it was his hobby to pick up folks and torture them by driving painfully slow.  I did speak up and say something like, "errr, when is the cut-off for checking bags, we need to get to the airport."  Well then he put the pedal to the medal at 50mph.  My heart was racing, palms sweaty, eyes like laser beams thinking I could will the car to move faster.  As we finally approached the airport with just over an hour before our flight.  He says casually, "yup, that's a two hour trip."  How many times have I done that trip??  It's a one frickin' hour trip buddy!  Anyhoo, we did make our flight.  As a bonus, our bags came out first after probably being put on last, and we were home, from plane to door in about an hour!  Always a silver lining!

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  1. That photo is gorgeous! Glad you had a nice time at home. Hope re-entry to France was not too bad.